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Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2015

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Chaowei Power is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of lead-acid motive batteries and other related products widely used in electric bikes, electric vehicles and special-purpose electric vehicles. In addition, the Group manufactures and sells lithium-ion batteries. During 2014, the Group’s market share, capacity, production, sales and revenue all ranked first in the entire industry. Testimony to its mastery of advanced production techniques and technology, The Group is one of only a few enterprises which has successfully applied the Enclosed Battery Formation Process to large scale production, and is the only lead-acid motive battery manufacturer which has comprehensively adopted gel battery...
05 Jan 2017
Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the Month Ended 31 December 2016
02 Jan 2017
Announcements and Notices - Inside Information Equity Joint Venture Contract and Technology Transfer and License Agreement
23 Dec 2016
Announcements and Notices - Continuing Connected Transactions Renewal of the Existing Battery Production Materials Processing Agreement
02 Dec 2016
Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the Month Ended 30 November 2016
11 Nov 2016
Announcements and Notices - Full Conversion of RMB633,000,000 Usd Settled 7.25% Convertible Bonds Due 2017
09 Sep 2013
Chaowei's project for boosting the Enclosed Formation Process has passed inspection
05 Sep 2013
Chaowei is included as one of the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2013” (Provide Chinese Version only)
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